Monday, September 06, 2010

If You're Jeff Foxworthy... You Might Be A Redneck!

However, you don't have to be a redneck to appreciate his gentle brand of red-state humour; which is fortunate since, despite the fact that I'm redneck on my father's side, I generally can't abide people who revel in their redneckitude. I mean, it's not exactly an accomplishment, is it?

PhotobucketBirthday good ol' boy Jeff Foxworthy seems to have turned his avuncular nature to distilling all the funny aspects of living in flyover country (the refreshing lack of sophistication) without succumbing to the more prevalent aspects of the culture (namely the violent bigotry) and in the process has made himself a fat mess of moolah - thanks in large part to years of touring, a series of popular comedy albums, a sitcom, and the Blue Collar Comedy Tour*, which was originally scheduled to last for 20 performances and was eventually held over for three solid (not to mention hugely profitable) years.

Consequently, Jeff Foxworthy has become a major unifying figure in increasingly divisive times; unlike many rednecks, not only has Foxworthy read books, he's also written several of the things - including a children's book entitled Dirt on My Shirt - further distilling his brand into yet another form of media and buying himself extra credibility in the process, not least of all by promoting literacy in children.

*Also featuring the execrable Larry the Cable Guy, outstanding Ron White, and Bill Engvall, my personal fave - after Foxworthy himself, of course!

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TheQuestionMan said...

I recently enjoyed a group of YouTube videos of Jeff and Friends.

It was hilarious


michael sean morris said...

I didn't think I'd enjoy The Blue Collar Comedy Tour as much as I did; apart from Larry the Cable Guy I loved all of it!