Friday, September 17, 2010

"She's A Beauty" by The Tubes

Birthday wishes go out today to Fee Waybill - not only a founding member of The Tubes but possessed of one of the more fascinating names in American music; to my mind a Fee Waybill either belongs in the exotic bird house of your local zoo or ought to be signed in the presence of the UPS driver.

A n y w a y... She's a Beauty was the band's biggest hit, appearing first on their 1983 album Outside Inside; oddly enough for a song this cool, it was produced by noted Canadian schlockmeister David Foster. Naturally the original video is unavailable - thanks this time to the visionaries at Virgin-EMI - but I guess this live performance sums up the experience of the song pretty well. Appropriately enough, it can easily be dedicated to the women whose birthdays we also celebrate today: Anne Bancroft, Rita Rudner, Cassandra Peterson, and even Hildegard von Bingen!
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