Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Girls On Film" by Duran Duran

Birthday wishes go out today to Simon Le Bon, lead singer of 80s pop dinosaurs Duran Duran, whose third single was Girls on Film; accompanied by what was then a scandalous video - directed by pop auteurs Godley & Creme - the song originally appeared on the band's eponymous 1981 debut album, which was much more successful when it was re-released in 1983, following the massive success of their second album, 1982's Rio, and third album, Seven and the Ragged Tiger, from 1983.

Despite becoming tabloid fodder in the band's first rush of success, Le Bon met and wooed model Yasmin Parvaneh, whom he married in December 1985. Not only do they have three daughters together (after a brief, heartbreaking bout with infertility which included two miscarriages) but they're still together after nearly 25 years.
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