Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Richard Dean Anderson

An honorary Vancouverite if ever there was one, Richard Dean Anderson is one of the pillars upon which our local film industry is built; thanks largely to him, legions of technicians get the chance to make good money* working on third-rate cable dreck while standing in a torrential downpour. The fact that they are forced to suffer the barbs of Hollywood protectionists to do so is just an added bonus...

PhotobucketMost famous for playing Angus MacGyver in MacGyver - a show so iconic it's been verbed, as in 'I can't afford to fix that properly, so I'll have to MacGyver it' which is something we've all  had to do at least once I'm sure - Anderson also appeared for many years in Stargate SG-1 in which he portrayed Jack O'Neill.

A longtime fan of The Simpsons, Anderson played himself on an episode entitled Kiss Kiss, Bang Bangalore in which he is kidnapped by Selma and Patty Bouvier, who've long been obsessed with him. The cross-promotion continued when Dan Castellaneta appeared on Stargate SG-1. Not all of his fans are yellow or green**, though; some are blue. Anderson was made an honorary Brigadier-General in the US Air Force for his part (as the show's producer) in promoting a positive image for the USAF throughout its run.

*Although not as good as they'd be making in LA, but still better than what they pay in Utah.
**Vancouverites all have a distinctly greenish tinge, caused by the moss that grows on them.

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Mathias N Oz said...

RDA has always made me swoon... so handsome.

michael sean morris said...

Apparently about a hundred people around the world in the past two days agree with you... Traffic traffic traffic! Although I suspected as much, which is the main reason I posted it to tell the truth.

Plus, he's a thoroughly lovely person, even when the cameras aren't on. You won't find a tech in Vancouver with a bad thing to say about the guy - even the makeup artists, and they're notoriously catty!