Friday, January 14, 2011

Pop History Moment: The Ascension of Denmark's Queen Margrethe II


When on this day in 1972 Denmark's King Frederick IX died and his daughter succeeded him as Margrethe II, more than the orderly transition of constitutional authority was achieved; a referendum in 1953 had affirmed a major change to the country's Act of Succession, setting aside male preference primogeniture and therefore her uncle Prince Knud as heir apparent, destining her to become the first queen regnant in that Scandinavian country since the death of her namesake Margrethe I in October 1412.

Both down-to-Earth and intellectual, Her Majesty's popularity has remained consistently high throughout her reign; ably aided by her consort Prince Henrik and her heir, Crown Prince Frederik, Margrethe II has ensured the enduring success of the House of Glücksburg for more than 35 years, and thankfully she shows no sign of slowing down...

Længe leve Dronningen*!

*Long live the Queen!

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