Thursday, January 20, 2011

"Remembering Audrey": A Tribute To Audrey Hepburn

Describing the appeal of Audrey Hepburn, who died on this day in 1993, is like describing the appeal of fresh air, cool water, or a baby's smile; not only is it impossible - although here those who knew her best try their hardest - it's entirely beside the point. As with many of the best things in life, why they're the best means less than the simple enjoyment, enlightenment, and enrichment they bring...

Whether acting in a movie or acting on behalf of the world's most vulnerable people - its children - everything Audrey Hepburn did was imbued with grace; since she moved through the world in an aura of compassion, everyone who met her was utterly charmed. An even greater tragedy than her early death from cancer - aged only 63 - was that because of it she was unable to do all she wanted to do; so while her life was cut short, her work lives on - both through UNICEF and through the Audrey Hepburn Children's Fund.
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