Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Gratuitous Brunette: Tim Daly


When I added the First Season of Wings to the collection of the Pop Culture Institute, I did so quietly, fully aware that certain snobs I work with* would turn up their turned up noses even further, possible causing themselves some kind of chiropractic trauma... Honestly, I don't know why I bother. For its unique setting, strong ensemble, and not one but two hot guys in the leads - Tim Daly and Steven Weber as the brothers Hackett - Wings is just about all I look for in a sitcom. Oh, and Daly's shirtless scenes didn't hurt either...

Lately, of course, I haven't been as into what Tim Daly's up to, since hour-long medical dramas are pretty much the opposite of what I'm down with (with the obvious exception of House) but apparently Daly is still burning up TV screens on Private Practice - the Grey's Anatomy spin-off that gave pop culture McDreamy and McSteamy (my personal favourite of the two). Anyway, today McHumpy turns an age-defying 55, one of a generation who are stretching the boundaries of hotness to unprecedented dimensions.

Photobucket*Chumley sez: All I said was that I preferred the show after
Tony Shalhoub joined the cast in Season Three but before Thomas Haden Church left in Season Six, you overly touchy fusspot...

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