Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Ron Jeremy


Under normal circumstances, Ron Jeremy is not someone I would imagine myself liking, let alone even knowing about; he does, after all, appear in those weird pornos that have - get this! - women in them*. But every interview I've seen of his impresses me all the more, to the extent that I may even someday avail myself of his memoirs and documentary to learn (and, no doubt, be impressed) even more.

Born on this day in 1953 in Bayside, Queens, Jeremy first began appearing in adult films in 1979, having attained a bachelor's degree in education and theatre and a master's degree in special education. Ironically, it's his education (as much as his other - ahem - endowments) which best suits him for working with porn stars, many of whom are lovely people I'm sure but rarely possessed of that all-important three-digit IQ**.

Having appeared in hundreds (maybe thousands) of pornos, Jeremy was the ideal creative consultant for Paul Thomas Anderson's 1997 film Boogie Nights - which is as much a tribute to the 1970s and the sun-drenched vistas of southern California as it is to the laughably amateurish films which combined the two with a frenzy of tanned limbs thrown in for a bit of variety.

*A fad, surely, or a 'flash in the pants' at very least.
**You can always tell which ones are the smart ones, because they inevitably get involved either directing, or producing, or both - since that's where the money is.

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