Friday, March 26, 2010

Nobody Puts Jennifer Grey In A Corner

Okay, okay... So the title's a bit twee, even for me - especially since I may be the only person of my generation who hasn't seen the movie Dirty Dancing. But hey, I'm running a business here, and my instincts have been pretty good so far, so there you have it.

PhotobucketA n y w a y... It goes without saying that today is Jennifer Grey's birthday and that, given my previous revelation, I'm most familiar with the work she did in Ferris Bueller's Day Off - which I saw eleven times in theatrical release, owing to a certain schoolboy crush I once had (and may still have) on one Mr Matthew Broderick.

In the mid-1990s she portrayed Mindy, the best friend of Rachel's who took up with Barry after he was left at the altar - which incident had been the plot device for the greatest American sitcom ever, Friends.

Practically the only other thing I know about Jennifer Grey is that she had a nose job which changed her appearance to such a degree that even casting directors stopped recognizing her; such a scandal was this that it was the lead story on Entertainment Tonight several days running. Ever intrepid, Grey spun the story into a short-lived sitcom, 1999's It's Like, You Know... in which she poked fun at herself and her career; she's recently appeared on the dramedy John from Cincinnati, which is all about surfers or something and may one day make my personal watchlist since a) I get into a very LA head space during the Vancouver winter, and b) surfers are hot.
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Jennifer Grey said...

I really admire Jennifer Grey for having the guts to go back dancing on DWTS for her former co-star.