Friday, March 04, 2011

"Striptease" by Hawksley Workman

Birthday boy Hawksley Workman is one of Canada's best-kept secrets...

Well, I believe the secret can now be safely told; we cunning Canadians have a way of foisting our middle-of-the-road dreck (Celine Dion, Bryan Adams, Nickelback*) on an unsuspecting world while keeping the real quality stuff to ourselves. The same goes for our other high-quality exports - namely television, comedians, and marijuana.

This particular example - Striptease - is from his 2001 album (Last Night We Were) The Delicious Wolves.

*OMG! I almost hurled just from typing their name! I shudder to think what a feat of endurance listening to a whole album of theirs might represent...

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