Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gratuitous Brunette: Penélope Cruz


Although I can't say I've ever knowingly watched one of her films*, over the years I've nevertheless gotten to know Penélope Cruz in the usual manner - namely, from the tabloids and by watching her in interviews.  Whatever I've seen has impressed me - or at least impressed me enough to award her the singular honour of Gratuitous Brunette on this, the occasion of her birthday**.

Admittedly the whole 'relationship with Tom Cruise' thing was a bit weird, but then I've already said too much...  Cruz has often been outspoken about the effect the tabloid press has on people's ethics.  I'd probably agree with her if I'd ever had any ethics to begin with!  When you're a puny outlet in the brave new world of new media you gather your information in any way you can, and I don't see her beating my door down to offer me an exclusive interview.

A n y w a y...  When not lighting up the silver screen Cruz busies herself with extensive charity works and within the fashion world, especially at the boutique she owns - called Amarcord - in the tony Salamanca district of her hometown, Madrid; additionally Cruz has modeled for Mango, Ralph Lauren and L'Oreal.

*I haven't.  I checked.  But that's not to say I wouldn't...  Several of them have been directed by Pedro Almodóvar and one is a Woody Allen movie!  Something tells me, though, I'll probably see her in Sex and the City 2 first...
**I promise, this is a legitimate post and not filler...  Honest!
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Forch F. Fortier said...

Personally, I find Penelope annoying. I have Sahara on DVD, and she's the worst part of it. My opinion is that they cast her whenever Salma Hayek is too busy...

michael sean morris said...

Are you sure the problem there wasn't just an all-around bad movie, including the casting? I'm looking forward to seeing her in the Almodovar movies, actually.

Anyway, the point of the Gratuitous Brunette is just to offer a bit of eye candy... For some reason most of my fans are straight guys, so I like to give them something to stare at every once in awhile.