Monday, November 22, 2010

"Suicide Blonde" by INXS

On this day in 1997 Michael Hutchence - lead singer and front man of the energetic Australian rock band INXS - was found dead in Room 524 of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Sydney's tony Double Bay neighbourhood, apparently the victim of an accident which had occurred while he was engaging in autoerotic asphyxiation. Hutchence and his bandmates were then in the midst of the final leg of a tour in support of their recently released 10th studio album Elegantly Wasted.

As is usually the case with an untimely death - especially one which occurred under mysterious circumstances - Hutchence's death has not only created more questions than answers but resulted in a lengthy legal rigamarole as well.  It also gave the above former good-time song morose undertones - even before the overdose of Hutchence's longtime love and baby mama* Paula Yates in September 2000.

*With whom he had a daughter, Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily - who now lives with Yates' ex 'Saint' Bob Geldof for some reason.

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