Sunday, April 15, 2007

Best Of - The Second Hundred Posts: A Compendium

Many of the innovations that have made the Pop Culture Institute what it is occurred between post 100 on 3 February and 200 twenty days later. These include the embedding of YouTube video on the 16th. In honour of those achievements, it is my honour to repost "Shoes", by Liam Sullivan, which has been watched something like 14 million times, most of them me and my friends.

  • YouTube Debut (07FEB07)

  • Of course, in those days, I still couldn't embed them, but I made my first upload that day. I have since upgraded the link, which I also couldn't do that day. I wouldn't learn how to do that until 11FEB07, when Seumas scratched out the instructions on an old receipt, in a single action changing not only this blog but my life.

  • On This Day (07FEB07)

  • I've always been a history buff, and in the current political climate, nothing beats a spot of history to remind us that there's nothing new, whether it's crime, sex, or politics.

  • Publishing daily (11FEB07)

  • The way to get a blog noticed is to produce a lot of content often, which has been my mantra ever since.

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