Sunday, April 15, 2007

Best Of - The Third Hundred Posts: An Exercise in Repitition

Much ado was made in the third hundred posts about establishing a routine. If need be, now I can publish five posts in under two hours (On This Day, a brief essay or editorial, a Spontaneous Brunette, scrobbling, and one YouTube clip), most of which I can do in between getting ready for work and making lunch.

This represents the greatest innovation since Henry Ford designed the assembly line, since there are times when life and work seriously get in the way of this baby big time. I also began to worry about issues like readership and revenue, even though both are where they're supposed to be for a blog as young as this one. My motto is: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

It was in this era (10-25 March) that I first wrote and edited a post on paper then typed it in later; I did this a few times in a couple of days, so I no longer remember which one was first. Since writing the posts is by far the most labourious part of the job, the fact that I can now do some of this either while at work or in transit has eased the time crunch for me considerably.

I was also able to show multiple episodes of series like "Mr. Deity", demonstrating the ability of a blog to entertain as well as inform. A post entitled "Comment Te Dire Bonjour" first showed me the power of clinging, lamprey-like, to the underside of a more powerful blogger, in this instance Joe Jervis of Joe.My.God; to date it remains my most commented upon post (with 9).
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