Friday, April 20, 2007

Tories Are Stupid: Report

A new report released today by the Pop Culture Institute proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Canada's Conservative government led by Stephen Harper are a bunch of idiots.

The report was prompted by a Tory report that said adopting the Kyoto protocol would destroy the economy. Despite the massive savings in energy costs and corresponding increase in profits which corporations would realise in doing so, those same corporations seem unwilling to spend a dollar, even when its investment could earn them a hundred in the short-term. Not to mention, you know, saving the planet.

The PCI report goes on to say that the best way to reduce the amount of methane and hot air in the environment would be for corporations to take the money they are currently using to buy themselves a Tory government and spend it on recycling, alternative energy sources, and public transportation.

Sending the Tories packing after the next election would also be a boon to composting, as what the Tories use for brains is considered especially good for this.

The PCI report was written in crayon, and contained several naughty doodles of current Environment Minister John Baird doing something to the former holder of that portfolio, Rona Ambrose. However, those responsible for drafting the report can't draw very well, so it's difficult to to tell exactly what.
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