Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Sir Ian MacKellen

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Sir Ian is well-known to Vancouverites; all of the X-Men movies have been shot here, and while here shooting them he has also performed his one-man show A Knight Out for the city's rapt audiences. Though never closeted in his personal life, when he finally decided to come out in 1988 following the passage of Clause 28 it was scarcely the de rigeur thing it is today, and there were those who said it would kill his career...

Not only has it not done that, if anything, coming out professionally has improved both his career and his life. When he was knighted by the Queen in 1991 he was the first openly gay person to be so honoured - plus, he's been made a member of the Companion of Honour - and thanks to Peter Jackson's obscure Lord of the Rings trilogy he's become the eminence grise of the movie world for playing Gandalf.
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