Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gratuitous Brunette: Demetri Martin


Demetri Martin's deadpan delivery often features the glimmer of a cheeky grin he is unable conceal; this is a combination I've always found very endearing, probably because the contrast is so delicious. It's not unlike watching Jerry Seinfeld anticipating the next funny line on his own show, and Jimmy Fallon is also guilty of it - usually right before he totally loses it and breaks the scene by cracking himself and his costars up.

Maybe it's no coincidence, then, that all three of them have been Gratuitous Brunettes; in addition to the fact that their looks thrill me beyond all comprehension, they also all seem... Playful. I like Demetri Martin so much, in fact, that even the fact he looks good in orange doesn't make me want to hate him.

Given that people in show business are often jaded - usually because they're compelled to be totally cool and above it all the time - I've always found it refreshing when someone seems to be enjoying the act of performance, or finds the act of amusing others so amusing in and of itself. Show business, of course, is a heart-breaking circus of cruelty and masochism brought on by the desire and even need to perform, for which those with that desire and need must be subjected to untold heartbreak, rejection, and savagery in order to pay for the privilege; anyone who manages to ignore, overcome, or otherwise transcend this emotional siege is pretty special in my opinion.

Demetri Martin - born on this day in 1973 - broke out of the stand-up scene when he scored a sweet gig as 'Senior Youth Correspondent' on The Daily Show; he made further progress in his career with an appearance as a keytar player named Demetri on Flight of the Conchords and with a starring gig in Comedy Central's Important Things with Demetri Martin. Only time will tell where we'll see that charming insouciance of his in the years to come...
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