Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary Your Majesties

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketNot surprisingly, there aren't that many pictures of the notoriously shy Carl XVI Gustaf and his consort Silvia - also known as the King and Queen of Sweden - on the web; yet it's entirely apt that the best of those should be one of them dancing.

In 1976 ABBA released their monster hit Dancing Queen (which was purportedly about Her Majesty) and which the band played live (in 18th Century costumes!) for the King himself on national television the night before the royal wedding, which was held on this day in 1976 at Stockholm's Storkyrkan Cathedral. Anni-Frid, one of the founding members of ABBA and now a German princess, has also performed the song for the royal couple on the occasion of the Queen's 50th birthday in December 1993.

Imagine getting an original ABBA song for a wedding present... Kinda makes that IKEA gift card I sent them look a little chintzy. I guess I should have spent more than 150 kroner*.

*Uh... Yeah? That's like 25 bucks, you cheapo!
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