Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Your Royal Highness

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Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, turns 89 today; His Royal Highness had a health scare in April 2008 (and ongoing health problems both before and since, it turns out, which have only recently come to light) but has since been occasionally seen in public looking his usual vigourous self following a recuperation at Windsor Castle. He still, for instance, carries out more than 300 official engagements a year, and as anyone connected with the many and varied charities, organizations, and appeals to which he lends his name will tell you, he is very hands-on indeed.

In addition to being the subject of numerous biographies - and being considered a living deity by certain villagers in Vanuatu - His Royal Highness has been portrayed on film by James Cromwell in the Academy Award-winning film The Queen, by David Threlfall in the 2005 TV-movie The Queen's Sister (first aired in the UK on Channel 4), and even as a fictional character in Nevil Shute's 1952 novel, In the Wet!
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1 comment:

TheQuestionMan said...

How does he do it. I guess he supports his wife and she him.

He seems the strong quiet type.