Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Hit The Road, Jack" by Ray Charles

When legendary performer Ray Charles hit the road on this day in 2004 Ray - the biopic of his life which would later earn Jamie Foxx an Academy Award - was about to be released; according to Foxx, Charles had 'seen' the film, and approved of the job its director Taylor Hackford had done, balancing the light of his talent with the darkness of his demons.

Here then, is one of Ray Charles' biggest early hits, Hit the Road Jack; written by Percy Mayfield, the song was first recorded by Charles in 1961, and is here performed by him and his trademark Raelettes.
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1 comment:

TheQuestionMan said...

My Uncle Jack never lived this one down. We used to send him off with this one smiles.

He sings it better though.