Thursday, September 09, 2010

"Home" by Michael Buble

Anytime I'm doing battle with job dissatisfaction, this song is never off my iPod; contained within its elegant lyrics and soigné delivery is a certain healing energy. It is sung (and was co-written) by the urbane crooner Michael Bublé - born on this day in 1975 - who has had a permanent place in the CD collection at the Pop Culture Institute ever since the release of his eponymous first album in 2000, at the tail end of the neo-swing craze.

Although he was 'discovered' that year at the wedding of Caroline Mulroney - the father of the bride, our former Prime Minister, introduced Bublé to fellow arch-conservative, David Foster, there - Bublé is known to enjoy the herb and is somewhat notorious as a ladies man.

While American success is proving elusive, Bublé is popular in Australia and the UK, as well as Canada, where especially in Vancouver he is not only a household name but a hometown boy.
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