Thursday, September 09, 2010

"There Must Be An Angel (Live)" by Eurythmics

Well! Trying to find a Eurythmics video to post here was even harder than finding a Cyndi Lauper video a couple of months ago; it seems that record executives still haven't found it in the dessicated wallets they use for hearts to allow citizen journalists like yours truly to promote their merchandise for free. Come on guys! All I ask for is the occasional embed code now and then, so I have the chance to fawn over the long-since profitable product in your back catalogue. It's not exactly like I'm wallowing in promotional merchandise here like the big boys...

Fortunately the BBC isn't quite such a dragon about hoarding its wealth, and to mark the birthday of David A. Stewart I was able to find this exquisite deconstruction of one of the duo's earliest hits - There Must Be an Angel (Playing with My Heart)* from their 1985 fifth album Be Yourself Tonight - performed live on Parkinson by the birthday boy himself and the always stellar Annie Lennox. Awesome as this is, though, the original video features Stewart tricked out in an actual oodle of Sun King finery; not letting me post that, given the content of this blog, is nothing short of a hate crime. In fact, I think I'll call Strasbourg right now...

*Amazingly, this song was the Eurythmics' only UK #1.
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