Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Death of Errol Flynn

He was a handsome and charming actor, who had won the hearts of millions with his portrayals of pirates and derring-doers; Errol Flynn was also a hard drinker who enjoyed life and fame and all that both had afforded him.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketA few days before his death the 50 year-old matinee idol flew into Vancouver, with the intent of selling his yacht Zaca to millionaire George Caldough; he was accompanied by his 16 year-old girlfriend Beverly Aadland.

The deal having been sealed, Flynn was all set to leave the city when he said he didn't feel well. Rather than taking him to the airport, Caldough took him to the apartment of a friend, Dr. Grant Gould, at 1310 Burnaby (near the corner of Jervis) in Vancouver's West End neighbourhood. As often happened in his midst a party sprang up around Flynn, who seemed to rally, at least for a time.

Once more feeling ill, Flynn retired to a bedroom for a nap; when Aadland went to wake him a half an hour later he was dead of a massive heart attack. The rumour is that after his death he was taken to the Hotel Georgia in downtown Vancouver and propped up in a chair in the lobby, so that well-wishers could file past and pay their respects.

He is buried at Forest Lawn in Los Angeles.

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