Saturday, October 02, 2010

"Fragile" by Sting

It was more than twenty years ago now that Sting released one of my favourite songs of all time; back then, of course, I was a callow youth, but the years have only deepened my appreciation of his sensitive lyrics. Yet, for all his skill as a songwriter, it's the voice that gets me every time. On days when I'm feeling fragile (a surprising number of them, truth be told) it's one of those things that helps me keep going.

Fragile first appeared on Sting's 1988 album …Nothing Like the Sun. Although it has a perfectly nice video, for the usual reasons, I'm not able to embed it here; instead, I've included this performance of the song recorded live in Italy on September 11th, 2001. Initially a tribute to Ben Linder, an American civil engineer murdered in 1987 by Nicaraguan Contras, the song has become increasingly identified with the 9-11 Attacks.
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Ivan Barr said...

Great song!!
Well, when I'm feeling fragile (seldom, but precisely today I feel that way), I listen "I know it's over", by The Smiths. It really makes me feel better, as if Morrissey, with his voice, could share the dark feelings of humans...
I really love your blog!

Maybe one of these days could chat or something like that.

michael sean morris said...

I'd like that.

Also good for a gloomy day - the Cure. Especially "The Hanging Garden" for some reason.

Diane Therrien said...

This was always my favourite Sting song, followed closely by "Children's Crusade". Thank you so much for posting this. It still pulls at my heart after 20 years.....