Saturday, October 02, 2010

"Don't You Want Me" by Human League

At the forefront of the British New Wave were bands like The Human League (from Sheffield), and at the forefront of The Human League was birthday boy Phil Oakey, who's been with the band since it formed in 1977.

In the age of vinyl, Don't You Want Me sold 1.4 million units, one of which resides in the record collection of the Pop Culture Institute; although Oakey didn't like the song, in terms of sales and radio play it was their biggest hit, reaching #1 in the UK in 1982 and the US in 1983. Naturally the song's original video has been hijacked by the usual suspects, but this live performance gets the point across just as well*.

Oakey it seems has come to terms with the track's success, but still refers to the song as 'overrated'; perhaps it's more a case of The Human League - and the rest of their output - being under-rated in relation to it.

*Since a) it's being lip-synced, and b) it shows Oakey at his gender-bending best.
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tankmontreal said...

Ah the memories this one stirs up... when Saturday-night outings meant colourful Shetland wool sweaters over button-down dress shirts and dancing all night at the Garage