Monday, December 20, 2010

"Beyond The Sea" by Bobby Darin

Midcentury masculine grace had no better paragon than Bobby Darin; such a straightforward delivery, and what poise! That Robbie Williams could learn a thing or two from this guy*...

Here he is, singing just one of his classics: Beyond the Sea. The lyrics are pop elegance itself, as sleek and simple as his delivery of them - in all, the ideal blend of singer and song.

*And probably has!
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michael sean morris said...

In its original 1960 version, the lyric near the beginning of the song was "my lover walks on tawny sands" - a lovely image, no?

Here, he's changed the lyric (with a smirk) to "my lover walks on Tommy Sands" - a clear swipe at a former teen idol with whom Darin must have shared some rivalry.

Although Sands was briefly married to Nancy Sinatra, after 1968 he'd been consigned to pop culture's File 13, whereas Darin had long had nowhere else to go but up...