Monday, January 10, 2011

"Love Is A Battlefield" by Pat Benatar

It was one of the MTV era's first smash hits, a story video so perfectly melded with a solid pop-rock song that even today, if played at any venue where Gen-Xers are assembled, all will fall into its dance steps as if by habit.

Love is a Battlefield featured the first electronic elements of any Pat Benatar song, signalling the deep inroads European pop had made into the world of American rock; originally appearing on her 1983 album Live from Earth both the song and the video were so popular as to be ubiquitous.

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Ivan Barr said...

Hello Michael Sean! I've been reading your blog. It is amazing, too much interesting information here!

By the way, I guess soon you write on the other blog. I miss your writings.

Soon I'm living in Vancouver. Haha, and I've never made a canadian friend there. I guess meet you.

Best wishes!

michael sean morris said...

It'll certainly be nice to meet you; my Spanish isn't good or I'd read more of your blog. I included it on my blogroll, though.

Anonymous said...

I loved this song, but forgot to look up the artist.

Thanks Micheal