Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Blow The Wind Southerly" by Maureen Forrester

In an effort* to raise the tone of the proceedings around here, I have decided to include a bit of classical music just now; here Canadian contralto Maureen Forrester** performs the old English folk song Blow the wind southerly on CBC-TV in June 1965. She is accompanied on piano by John Newmark but, alas, the clip doesn't credit his comely page turner.

Maybe that's her name... Paige Turner!

(So much for trying to class up the joint...)

*Basically tokenism, given the gargantuan effort necessary, but it's well-intentioned tokenism nonetheless.
**Who would have needed those leather lungs to blow eighty candles southerly on this day in 2010, had she not died the previous June 16th.

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