Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Kim Cattrall


As much as I used to wish, while watching Sex and the City, that I could be more like sexy Samantha Jones, somehow I always end up being cynical Miranda Hobbes (or, on a good day, observant Carrie Bradshaw); I suppose it could be worse*... Still, I have known Samanthas in my life, and I have always admired their confidence and brazenness, despite the difficulty I've had with expressing either of those traits in my own life.

I think it would be a mistake, though, to think that Kim Cattrall is at all like Samantha; for one thing, in interviews Cattrall comes across as highly gracious and very soft-spoken as well, neither of which qualities are much in evidence in the character of Samantha. For all her highly erotically charged performances (say, in films like Porky's or Mannequin) she's either an excellent actress onscreen or off; that is to say, either her public persona is her greatest role or she gets it all out of her system when the cameras are rolling.

Either way, you can count on my following her career closely to continue searching for clues as to what makes this lovely, classy lady tick...

*I could be more like uptight Charlotte York... (shudder)

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