Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Your Majesty


One of the Arab world's most moderate* leaders, Mohammed VI has been the King of Morocco since the death of his father Hassan II in July 1999; His Majesty is the 18th sovereign of the country's Alaouite dynasty, which has ruled the North African country since 1666.

Born on this day in 1963, His Majesty's mother is Lalla Latifa Hammou, whose only title is Mother of the Princes; the King's wife is Princess Consort Lalla Salma, who's the first wife of a Moroccan King to ever be given a title, no doubt part of His Majesty's commitment to liberalizing his country.

Moroccan Muslims (especially the conservative ones) are known to be quite touchy where images of their King are concerned; I'd like to state here and now that the above image was placed with all due reverence, and will continue to be treated as such. I may be an irreverent gay pagan, but I'm smart enough to pick and choose my opportunities to express each of these facets of my personality when they'll be best received...

*That is to say, friendly to the West; it's also a highly relative term, but a good effort besides.

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