Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Tshinanu" by Kashtin

Birthday wishes go out today to Florent Vollant*, one half of Canada's Innu blues-rock duo Kashtin (the other half being Claude McKenzie); although the band's name literally means 'tornado on the horizon' in the Innu-aimun language, it was chosen because it sounded like 'cashed in' - a reference to charges that they'd sold out, made mainly by jealous losers who had neither the ability nor the opportunity to do so themselves.

Though their career as a duo was short their influence has been mighty; formed on the Maliotenam reserve in northern Quebec prior to 1988, Vollant and McKenzie recorded their first album Kashtin together in 1989, a second entitled Innu in 1991, and a third Akua Tuta in 1994 before going their separate ways (although they have occasionally reunited to perform together). In that short span of years Kashtin toured the world, winning fans wherever they went.

Since the band's hiatus, Vollant has recorded two solo albums as well: Nipaiamianan in 1999, and Katak in 2003.

*In the video, he's the one with the mustache.

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