Monday, March 22, 2010

"A Summer Song" by Chad and Jeremy

Birthday wishes go out to Jeremy Clyde, one half of the Sixties folk music duo Chad and Jeremy, whose first foray into public life was as a pageboy at the coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953*. While not particularly successful in the UK - which spent the Sixties in the thrall of such British Invasion stalwarts as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Kinks - Chad and Jeremy's sound appealed greatly to folk-inclined Americans of the hippie persuasion.

Parallel to their recording and performing career, Chad and Jeremy also made a number of notable television appearances on such shows as the Dick Van Dyke Show and the Patty Duke Show; surely the pinnacle of their joint acting career, at least in pop culture terms, was their appearance on Batman as themselves opposite Julie Newmar as Catwoman. Chad and Jeremy have also been immortalized in Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman's comic strip Zits as the names of the teenage and college age sons.

Clyde has also appeared solo in the ITV sitcom Is it Legal? as well as in the BBC's The Alan Clark Diaries as Conservative politician Jonathan Aitken and the police procedural drama Ashes To Ashes.

In the above clip we see Chad and Jeremy reunited; first they are interviewed by Ty Ray on KVOS-TV's Northwest Notebook out of Bellingham, following which they perform one of their classic hits, A Summer Song.

*Clyde is the son of Lady Elizabeth Wellesley.
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