Friday, April 02, 2010

Gratuitous Brunette: Chris Meloni

If there is one tried-and-true rule in the lawless world of cyberspace it's that mentions of Chris Meloni will bring enough traffic to your site to clog the Holland Tunnel; of course, the same goes for any number of soulless pop tarts and vapid TV starlets whom I'd rather die than mention*, so in this case it helps that Chris Meloni is a) a very talented actor, and b) HOT. Not hot... HOT. Even, dare I say it, HAWT. Did I mention that he's hot? Oh yeah... I did.

PhotobucketA n y w a y... So if we can get past his hotness for a minute - although, frankly, why would we want to - but strictly hypothetically, if we could we'd encounter an actor savvy enough not to be typecast for one.

Consider, if you will, the two roles for which he is best known: police detective Elliot Stabler - the moral compass of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - and Chris Keller, the amoral serial killer who gives a certain flare to male rape on Oz. That's proper range, yo...

Amazingly, Meloni turns 49 today - every one of those years a good one.

*You know who you are...

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