Friday, April 02, 2010

"I Heard A Rumor" by Bananarama

While it's not unusual for me to post a birthday hat trick of videos for a solo artist, I believe this is the first time I've ever done so for an individual member of a band - in this case, Keren Woodward of Bananarama. It's even more unusual in this case, I think, because (unlike Bananarama bandmate Siobhan Fahey, say, or Belinda Carlisle of The Go-Go's) Woodward had no solo career to speak of... She did, however, succeed in landing ex-Wham! heartthrob Andrew Ridgeley, which in its way is just as rewarding as a gold record with your own name on it*.

And yet, it's not so unusual when considering a) the ground broken by Bananarama within the music industry itself, and b) the general awesomeness of their music. In fact, I could probably do this for the birthdays of all four members** of the band and never once repeat a video.

I Heard a Rumour was the first single from Bananarama's fourth studio album, Wow!; released in September 1987, it features the Stock Aitken Waterman sound at its peak of freshness. I always liked the song because it reminds me of those first few carefree years after high school, when everything seemed possible because I didn't know better. Good times...

*Especially if you're a renowned star-fucker like me!
**Bananarama always had three members; after Siobhan Fahey left to, you know, marry
Dave Stewart of Eurythmics in 1987 and generally exude cool as a member of Shakespears Sister in 1988 she was replaced by Jacquie O'Sullivan (formerly of the Shillelagh Sisters).

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