Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Electric Youth" by Debbie Gibson

Only now, of course, it's Deborah Gibson. Deb-BRAH! (How come every time I hear that, all I can think of is Joan Cusack in Addams Family Values? 'Phone for you Miss Debby.' 'It's Deb-BRAH!')

A n y w a y ... Eighties pop wunderkind Deborah Gibson today turns 40, making her one of the rare age-appropriate pop idols from my high school days. Electric Youth was the title track to her second album, released in January 1989; its message - that age and youth are unrelated - is one I must have taken to heart, because I am living proof of it. I'm pushing forty, look fifty, but don't feel much different inside now than I did at thirty or twenty (or ten, to be completely honest) except I'm considerably more contented now than I ever was at any of those ages.
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