Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Cherish The Day" by Sade

From the 1992 album Love Deluxe, it's Cherish the Day...

As is usually the case whenever I do the video hat trick, choosing that third one is often frustrating; sometimes it's because there aren't three good clips to choose from, but more often than not the problem is choosing which of literally half a dozen songs I love for inclusion, meaning that something I really admire gets left out.

Now, in the past I've dealt with this by hemming and hawing over it in the body of the post, and in the process included links to all the excluded songs; I'm not going to do that today. I've already done it once, and I don't want to be any more repetitive than I already am. Besides which, not spending an hour doing it all for you means I have an extra hour to spend on my life (you know, the one I have away from my desk - that is to say, the life I would have if I ever got away from my desk).

If seeing and reading about Sade on the Pop Culture Institute today has inflamed your interest to the degree it did mine, I think I can trust you to go to YouTube yourself and type in four little letters into the search box for yourself. Oh alright, there... I just did it for you.

Now it's time for me to take the evening off and cherish the day...
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