Tuesday, March 08, 2011

"Cars" by Gary Numan

To an artist dreaming of success, a smash-hit song can seem very elusive indeed; yet for someone who's had one it can seem more like a nightmare. Cars - from his 1979 album The Pleasure Principle - may be the coolest of the New Wave tunes, but birthday boy Gary Numan is clearly tired of talking about it. For a performer who has continued to record and perform (and innovate) ever since its release, constant reminders that his greatest success are nearly three decades behind him don't sit well with the electronic music pioneer.

Nevertheless, the song will always have a place in my heart - not to mention on his set list - which is why I'm posting it now; as a Canadian boy who has spent the past quarter of a century dreaming of London, Numan's biggest hit will always occupy a cherished place both on my iPod and in the soundtrack of my life.
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