Tuesday, March 08, 2011

"Beautiful Wreck" by Shawn Mullins

In a way it's good that the outmoded thinking of record labels is actively engaged in stifling fair use; in marking the birthday of roots rock singer-songwriter Shawn Mullins today I've been unable to post either the video for Lullaby (his biggest hit to date) or the video for Shimmer (a favourite of ours here at the Pop Culture Institute) both of which first appeared on his 1998 album Soul's Core.

So, rather than living in the past, I've been forced to come forward to the present and have been handsomely rewarded in the process, by posting the equally high quality track called Beautiful Wreck, from his 2006 album 9th Ward Pickin Parlor.

Thanks for that go out to the addled-brained executives at Sony/BMG, who are scrambling around desperately trying to find a working business model for the digital age, despite the fact that Cory Doctorow's already figured one out. ~ MSM

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