Sunday, March 06, 2011

Happy Birthday Alan Davies

Originally a stand-up comic, Alan Davies rose to prominence in Britain as the star of Jonathan Creek; it took a super smart quiz show, though, to turn his sweet, slightly daft persona into an internationally recognizable brand...

PhotobucketAs the permanent panelist on QI, Davies is the ideal foil for Stephen Fry - common where Fry is posh, silly where Fry is serious, and possessed of just enough arcane knowledge to amaze and delight audiences (and occasionally even Fry himself).

Born on this day in 1966, Davies' mother died when he was only six, leaving his father to raise the three Davies children on his own. Accomplished at his studies, Davies began his stand-up career at the local Labour Club in Whitstable, near where he attended the University of Kent.

In January 2007 Davies married Katie Maskell, a former literary agent; in December 2009 Davies and Maskell announced the birth of their first child, a girl named Sophie.

Aside from a blip of bad publicity involving an altercation with a homeless man outside London's Groucho Club later in 2007 which resulted in his being banished from the premises, Davies' amiable reputation remains unscathed whether presenting such shows as Teenage Revolution or starring in others like Whites.

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