Sunday, March 06, 2011

"The Bitch Song" by Bowling for Soup

It was my hope to mark the birthday of Jaret Reddick - the lead singer of one of my favourite bands, Bowling For Soup - with the video for High School Never Ends, or possibly the video for 1985, or maybe even the video for Punk Rock 101. In fact, given my predilection* for posting videos, I might have even posted all three of them today, since as I've said they are one of my favourite bands...

Instead I've come up against the band's record label - whose decision to engage in unethical business practices and potentially even breaking the law** but just generally being douchebags by stifling fair use - so none of those videos can be embedded. Since encountering my arch-enemy and favourite foe has given me ample time to bitch, I suppose it's apt that one of the few Bowling for Soup videos I can actually embed is called The Bitch Song.

The Bitch Song was actually the band's second single, from their fourth album 2000's Let's Do It for Johnny!, released two years before their biggest hit to date, Girl All the Bad Guys Want.

*A fancy word meaning 'fetish'.
**Fair use isn't the law, even though it should be; turns out the government is too busy wasting its time trying and failing to stop drug use and gangland killings and similar impossible to solve shit to deal with important issues like allowing me to post whatever video I want on here.

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