Sunday, May 02, 2010

In Celebration of Christine Baranski

What's a exceptionally talented singer, dancer and comedienne to do if all she's got to rely on are a figure for days*, a killer smile, and legs up to here?

PhotobucketWell, if she's Christine Baranski she proceeds to take Broadway then Hollywood by storm, that's what!

Born in Buffalo on this day in 1946, she had to know from a very early age that relationship wasn't gonna last forever; sure enough, before long she found herself at Juilliard, and from there it was just a short cab ride (and a few years of intensive study) to the Great White Way.

Whether playing a controlling preppie bitch sorely in need of an enema in the film Addams Family Values, an overbearing alcoholic on the TV sitcom Cybill, or the sexy bundle of neuroses that is Mrs. Lovett onstage in Sweeney Todd as part of the 2002 Kennedy Center Sondheim Celebration, if it's a supernova in slingbacks you're after, call Christine Baranski!

*As opposed to my figure, which takes days, as in a traversal.

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