Sunday, May 02, 2010

"Judy's Turn To Cry" by Lesley Gore

Birthday wishes go out today to Lesley Gore, who in 1963 got the Baby Boom dancing with an infectious little ditty called It's My Party. She was just 16 herself at the time. Although it was the era of 'call and answer' records, which were all the rage, Gore may be the first person in pop music history to answer her own call record, with Judy's Turn To Cry.

As is often the way, the greater part of her career lasted less than five years, at which time fickle fans moved away from bubblegum pop into psychedelic sounds; undoubtedly the pinnacle of her career was a January 1967 appearance on the ultra-campy TV series Batman, in which she played Pink Pussycat, one of Catwoman's minions, during which she performed two of her last two solo singles, Maybe Now and California Nights. Although she was nominated for an Oscar as a songwriter for her work on the soundtrack to the movie Fame in 1980, she didn't return to recording until 2005; coincidentally, that's also the same year she came out.
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