Monday, August 23, 2010

"High On You" by Survivor

Birthday wishes go out today to Jimi Jamison, the second of the band Survivor's three lead singers; Jamison replaced the band's original vocalist Dave Bickler after the latter developed problems with his voice, probably brought on by singing Eye of the Tiger tens of thousands of times*.

High on You was the second single from the band's 1984 album Vital Signs, Jamison's first on the roster, and the follow-up to I Can't Hold Back. The song made it all the way to #8 on the US charts; whether it was helped or hindered by this primo example of 1980s video-making I leave entirely up to you to decide.

Jamison left the band in 1989, later reunited with them for a tour in 2000, but left again in 2006 (when their last album was released) at which time he was replaced by Robin McAuley. In the intervening years, though, he had a minor success with a song unwittingly heard by billions of people; Jamison is the co-author and performer of I'm Always Here, among the many theme songs of the hit TV show Baywatch.

*Only kidding! Bickler developed polyps on his vocal chords, the removal of which required surgery and rest. After a few years on other endeavours, he returned to Survivor - performing with his old bandmates again from 1993-2000.

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