Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Ginger Files: Seth Green

Owing to the rise in gingerphobia over the past couple of years - due in large part to a South Park episode entitled Ginger Kids which inspired at least one schoolyard beating* - the enduring popularity of an old post of ours**, and given the success*** of our Gratuitous Brunette feature, we here at the Pop Culture Institute figured, why not let all that energy swirl together and help us create a brand new feature? It's also an excellent way to honour Cholmondeley St. John-Mainwaring of our staff, since he is ginger himself...

PhotobucketAh, but what to call it? Debate raged most of the afternoon, with one faction (me) keen on calling it 'Ginger Peachy', and yet another (him) favouring 'Seeing Red'; in the end, 'The Ginger Files' was chosen by our science correspondent Lo'Retta Labratt as the best compromise because of the pun on the word 'ginger-phile' - in other words the opposite of a ginger-phobe - and because while the former was deemed too obscure the latter implied angering, which not only pandered to the stereotype but which is also inaccurate, since redheads definitely don't inspire that emotion around here.

Who better, then, to feature as the first entrant into the Ginger Files than Seth Green? Green today turns 35 at the midpoint of an interesting career which began with roles in such 1980s films as Hotel New Hampshire, Woody Allen's Radio Days, and Big Business. While co-starring on TV as Daniel 'Oz' Osbourne in Buffy the Vampire Slayer he also appeared as Scott Evil in the Austin Powers trilogy. Green was also the star of the cult hit (and one of our favourites around here) Greg the Bunny, in addition to his work on Robot Chicken and as the voice of Chris Griffin on Family Guy.

*Plus a Facebook group, still operating, entitled National Kick A Ginger Day, created by Matt Rosenberg.
**Entiled simply
Gingerphobia? and first published in July 2007, it's still a reliable hit-getter for us, probably because if you type the word 'gingerphobia' into Google that post comes up within the first ten results!

**Meaning 'not complete failure'.

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