Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fond Of Blondes: Kirsty Young


Photographs typically fail spectacularly in their efforts to convey the wonder of nature that is Kirsty Young; in order to gain the full effect of Young's magic, one must hear her and thus be smothered in the butterscotch burr that is chief amongst her many glories...

Formerly affiliated with Five News, Young is currently the host of Crimewatch, and even turns up occasionally to trade innuendo-laden barbs with the clearly smitten cast of Have I Got News For You. Yet while fans of Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio 4 get her golden tones all to themselves for 43 minutes every Sunday even they may feel cheated, as they don't get to see her radiant glow when they do.

Possessed of brains, beauty, humour, and of course that whiskey accent, Kirsty Young is clearly the whole megillah - which makes her the ideal candidate for the Pop Culture Institute's feature, Fond Of Blondes, on this - the occasion of her birthday.
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