Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Now Showing - "Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager"

Birthday wishes go out today to Aaron Yonda, the co-creator (along with Matt Sloan) of Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager; back in the day*, when all of this Interweb stuff was still an uncharted frontier, this was one of the first shows that demonstrated the power of New Media to me. Should I ever manage to get off my duff and actually create my own content in this manner, I'll undoubtedly owe people like Aaron Yonda (and Matt Sloan) a debt of gratitude for showing me the way...

As it is, procrastination prevails here at the Pop Culture Institute, so I'll just have to remain (for now, at least) one of the multitude who've contributed to giving this particular episode - the show's pilot, in fact - more than 9.6 million views since it was first posted in July 2006.

*In this instance, 2006...
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