Monday, July 05, 2010

"Walking In Memphis" by Marc Cohn

Birthday wishes go out today to Marc Cohn, whose 1991 hit Walking in Memphis climbed record charts around the world; the song has also been covered by another singer with a famously husky voice - namely Cher.  Alas, Cohn was the victim of the Grammy Curse* and has been little heard from since...

Cohn has, however, made news for reasons other than his musical prowess; in August 2005 he was shot in the head as part of an attempted carjacking.  The story, horrifying as it was, probably got picked up because a) it took place in the middle of the summer**, and b) Cohn is married to ABC television journalist Elizabeth Vargas.  Fortunately Cohn's injuries were minor and he continues to perform and tour to this day.

*Winning Best New Artist for 1991.
**Which is known - somewhat inappropriately in this case - as the 'silly season', a time of the year when few newsworthy occurrences take place.
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