Sunday, October 03, 2010

Pop History Moment: "The Mickey Mouse Club" Debuts

It was on this day in 1955 that The Mickey Mouse Club made its television debut on ABC; although the brainchild of Walt Disney, it was Bill Walsh who steered the series in its early years, assisted by Hal Adelquist.  Hosted by Jimmie Dodd (who also wrote the show's iconic theme song, Mickey Mouse March) the show would go on to feature dozens of talented teenagers as Mouseketeers, including Tommy Cole, Darlene Gillespie, Bobby Burgess, Doreen Tracey, Cubby O'Brien, Karen Pendleton, Lonnie Burr, Sharon Baird, and especially Annette Funicello.

In one form or another, the show would run until March 1996, and more than achieved its initial purpose - which was to raise funds for the building of Disneyland.

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lonnie burr said...

4th attempt to post: the "roll call" number footage up is NOT from the 1955 first season but the 3rd: 1957-58, in which I was unable to perform due to a facial injury that could not be corrected by makeup and was deemed unacceptable for the entire year opening - not to mention the ensuing 55 years. Mouseketeer Lonnie Burr - - the ONLY orignial (1955-59) Mouseketeer site now in its 10th year - Lonnie

Lonnie said...

The “roll call” segment you are using is from the 3rd season, 1957-58, not 1955. I did not do the third year openings/closings because I had a facial injury that could not be covered by makeup. The mouseka-bigwigs decided they could not have one of the kids with a mouseka-booboo on every week of that year. No one figured on the 55 ensuing years. Mouseketeer Lonnie - - the only original Mouse (1955-59) site now in its 10th year. Best, LB

Julie said...

Oh my gosh...I don't think I've ever seen the actual opening from the original Mickey Mouse Club!!! I remember back in the 90's when they tried to revive it - total disaster!

michael sean morris said...

I think this was the oldest intro I could find on YouTube... If I ever find an older one I'll replace this one with it. Thanks for the help Lonnie, and sorry to hear of your disfigurement.