Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Your Serene Highness


You'll be forgiven for having never heard of Liechtenstein's Hereditary Princess, Sophie, who today turns 43; either royalty from Catholic countries are so much better behaved than their Protestant counterparts or they're better at covering it up*. In fact, Liechtenstein's best-kept secret must be Sophie's sister-in-law, Princess Angela.

Nevertheless, Sophie's wedding - to Hereditary Prince Alois of Liechtenstein in July 1993 - ought to have been big time media fodder: a beautiful church in the picturesque capital Vaduz, a beaming blonde bride, and a HPLILF** for a groom. Clearly the Princely Family of Liechtenstein either has a very smart or a very stupid press secretary.

In the fullness of time Her Serene Highness will become the first lady in the land of the quaint mittel-European principality currently under the watchful eye of her father-in-law Hans Adam II and his wife Princess Marie Aglaƫ which she and her husband will, in turn, groom for their son, Prince Joseph Wenzel.

*Either way, no one messes around or up quite like the good ol' House of Windsor, am I right? Where my whiteys at?
**Hereditary Prince of Liechtenstein I'd Like to Fuck.

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Daniel said...

Whoop, whoop! Or should I say, hear, hear, old chap! Now let's put the kettle on and enslave another continent.

Good-looking show on Prince Charles' other mistress (some Australian bint I have only vague recollections of- Trebor or Tryon or something) this weekend on Channel 4....

michael sean morris said...

Oh who can keep track? There were so many bints in the 70s that ITV could have aired a show called Charlie's Bints; the reason he never got married earlier is they all got bored hearing him talk about architecture and organic gardening.